The Board of Management (B.O.M) has responsibility for the running of the school. It is responsible for the ratification of school policies and overall management in accordance with Rules for National Schools
It ensures the implementation of the schools safety statement, maintenance of the school building and provision of satisfactory heating and cleaning in the school.

School Boards of Management are  appointed every four years.  Our present Board was constituted on 1st December 2019 and will be in office until 30th November 2020. It is comprised of 8 people; 2 patron nominees, 2 parents nominees, 2 community nominees, the principal / acting principal and a teacher nominee.

Current Members:

Rev. Cathy Hallissey (Chairperson)
Mr. Ben Lewis   (Treasurer)
Mrs. Jenny Bolger (Community Representative/ Hospitality Director)
Mrs. Anne-Marie Wrynn (Maintenance Officer)
Ms. Jane Honner (Safety Officer)
Mrs. Gillian Gleasure (Hall Rental Facilitator)

Mr. Frank Walsh (Regulation Advisor)
Mr. Stephen Middleton (Principal)
Ms. Jane Honner (Secretary and Deputy Principal)