Parent Teacher Team

P.T.T. role is to support, enthuse, create and provide for Powerscourt National School.

Firstly to the students
Secondly to the staff
Thirdly to the parents and community

Honesty, integrity and fairness, harmony, friendship and enjoyment

To provide an official forum for parents and teachers to exchange ideas in support of the school.
To represent the views of the parents.
To encourage co-operation between teachers, parents, management and the community.
To fund raise as appropriate for essential needs and special projects.
To assist in extra-curricular and leisure/ sporting activities for pupils.
To help with the provision of extra equipment and teaching aids.
To inform the parents of developments in education and in the school.
To provide education for parents as required.
To provide parents with all relevant information.

Chairperson currently is Gay Weldon.

Treasurer is Adrienne Pullen.

Secretary is Micha Bogaard

Communications officer is Edwina Allman

Members are:

Natasha Devereux

John Cleere

Susie Maloney

Aoife Lewis

Stephen Middleton – Acting Principal

Caroline Watchorn – Acting Deputy Principal

The PPT facebook page:

The PTT can be found on Facebook, here is the link to their page!